chapter 9:Patellar Subluxation


Nonoperative Treatment

Nonoperative treatment of patients with patellar subluxation centers on maintaining patellar stability to minimize symptoms and diminish risk of dislocation. Medial quadriceps strengthening and taping to hold the patella medially may be helpful. Patellar cutout braces or taping may add some feeling of security. Orthotics may improve lower extremity alignment and diminish valgus thrust at the knee, thereby reducing the risk of patellar dislocation or symptoms of subluxation.

Most patients with symptomatic minor subluxation will improve or become asymptomatic with nonoperative treatment (19). Some patients with major or permanent subluxation also respond remarkably well to nonoperative treatment. When disabling symptoms and significant activity limitation persist after well‑structured nonoperative treatment, however, surgery may be indicated.




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