chapter 7: nonarthritic anterior knee pain


Back and hip problems can refer pain to the anterior knee. One should consider discogenic pain, sciatic pain, slipped femoral epiphysis in younger patients, Legg‑Calvé‑Perthes disease in 6‑ to 10‑year‑olds, hip arthritis or dysplasia, and other disorders of the back and hip in the patient who complains of anterior knee pain.

With all of the possible diagnoses in a patient presenting with anterior knee pain, it is important not to fall into the trap of saying that the patient has "internal derangement of the knee." Use of this term was condemned by Budinger (35) in 1908, and its use today is equally to be deplored. An awareness of the various specific diagnoses that can be the source of symptoms will be helpful in eliminating such wastebasket terminology.



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