chapter 7: nonarthritic anterior knee pain


Anterior knee pain, particularly in the medial infrapatellar region, may be caused by a plical fold (21 23). Pain, particularly associated with a palpable tender band in the medial peripatellar area, may indicate a symptomatic plica causing anterior knee pain (Figure B). Although stretching and local treatment may give relief, arthroscopic resection of a thickened, inflamed plica may be necessary at times (22, 23). We (21) have pointed out that a symptomatic plica may, in some cases, be only an indicator of a more complex problem involving abnormal patellofemoral mechanics. Certainly, however, pain may occur as a result of direct injury to one of the plical folds, with secondary inflammation or fibrosis. Strover et al (24) have recommended arthroscopic resection of the pathologic plica using local anesthetic.


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Fig. B