chapter 5: Arthroscopy of the patellofemoral joint


Patellofemoral arthroscopy is an important aspect of knee arthroscopy, and permits definitive treatment in many cases. Along with evaluation and treatment of the patellofemoral joint, a look about the rest of the knee is mandatory.. Evaluating articular lesions of the patella and trochlea, looking at patellar tracking, removing loose bodies, debriding articular surfaces, microfracture arthroplasty, arthroscopic lateral release, arthroscopic imbrication and plica removal are a few of the options available to the arthroscopic surgeon. A good history and physical examination are the foundation of successful patellofemoral arthroscopic surgery. Taking the time to establish an accurate working diagnosis in the office prior to the time of surgery when the patient is under anesthesia will enhance your surgical results and patient satisfaction.




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