chapter 12: Nonoperative Treatment

"The winner has an answer for every problem; the loser has a problem for every answer. "

One thing remains clear in the minds of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and other health care providers: nonoperative treatment provides satisfactory results in most patients with anterior knee pain (1‑9). In fact, Jensen and Albrektsen (10) have shown that 81% of patients treated for patellofemoral pain without malalignment had mild or no pain at 12‑year follow‑up.

Whereas a decade ago nonoperative treatment for the patient with patellofemoral pain was highly standardized, usually involving aspirin, quadriceps strengthening, and limited activity, today the physician or therapist will design a much more specific program tailored to the unique physical findings of the patient. The goal of patellofemoral rehabilitation will be to define the problem(s) and organize treatment accordingly.




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